Love Doctor From Eritrea

By Tareq Naushad

Draft 1 Posted Date: 4/14/2016

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Literary fiction

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About the Book:

It is a story of Tareque who was suffering from a mysterious disease called “no-sympathy”. Hoping to find a cure of it he studied psychology and did a doctorate thesis on "Love" from Asmara University, Eritrea. He took interviews of many lovers and did analysis on their feelings. He met with book-worm Oriana and on a longest night of his life, shared his thoughts with her. He believed on “Just God” based religion. He challenges traditional method of love, marriage and family. He has proposed TSWIP(“Think Situation When In Past”) and AHOFP(“Accept Hate Or Forget Past”) methods to resolve the never-ending hate and war situation between two groups. He raised many questions, suggested many solutions but what was the message finally he learned or realized? The book also has a love-chart from his original thesis paper that calculates the level of happiness a couple may expect.

About the Author:

Tareq Naushad is an IT professional of Bangladesh for last 20 years. He published the book partially in Facebook with the same name. After getting good responses from the well-wishers he completed the full novel. His father is a renowned retired news editor so author was lucky enough to get the book edited rigorously by him.

Author's Note:

I believe you will find the analysis of Tareque on human psychology and religion interesting. The love-chart created by him can help you to calculate score of your own love and marriage life also.

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