Draft 2 Posted Date: 2/25/2016

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Historical fiction

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About the Book:

The Mitzvah of ensuring that deceased Holocaust survivor Solomon Meinz is buried according to Jewish law is given to Rabbi's Mendel and David. a search of Mister Meinz's apartment reveals security boxes and bank safe deposit keys. The bank safe deposit boxes when opened reveal KINDER GEDENK and KINDER SELBBSTMORD BUCHES. (Children death and Children Suicide listings. The security boxes contain the ashes of those murdered and burned before liberation , and velvet bags containing diamonds. During the funeral eulogy an elderly man rushes to the podium and states that the man in the coffin is not Solomon Meinz but a murderer. In his words a KHAPER. The word originates from the days of Czarist Russia meaning a Jew who identified Jewish boys to be taken by force into the czar's army. In the concentration camps that word meant a Jew who identified to the S.S those who could not survive. Additional characters include a woman survivor Emma Kahn nee Cohen who claims that there are fifteen souls within her. She is looking for her brother Emil. A man called Vladimir Monomah who might be the angel of death. There are additional characters which add thoughts to the book. Rabbi's Mendel and David search for the answer to the basic question of self preservation against human responsibility. The reader has to decide that questions for themselves.

About the Author:

Jack Hubert. Hebrew name, Jacob Ben Zvi has been writing first drafts of novels as a means of relaxation since 1980.. Now retired after close to 60 years of work the author wishes to turn these first drafts into writings that have meanings. The author is seeking opinions from those writers who wish tor read this novel and to provide him with ideas on how to edit, and revise this novel into a book that could be submitted for publication. This novel is based on truth. An elderly Holocaust survivor passed and there were all sorts of stories spoken about the deceased at the funeral and afterward which put forward the ideas for this novel.

Author's Note:

Translated the Hebrew word SHLICHIM means GOD's EMISSARY. Relating these words to the deeds of the human world is the story of this novel.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Setting, Continuity