This is Not a Memoire | True Times with Two Husbands an Irish American Novel set partly in Central North West Africa

By Katherine Cleary

Draft 2 Posted Date: 6/26/2015

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Literary fiction

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About the Book:

This is an Irish-American style novel set in Washington DC and Central North West Africa. Jeanette, a neo-abolitionist human rights activist arrives in a country ruled by ecstatic mystical religious fervor and neo-patriarchalism. Jeanette is married with children and normally lives in Washington DC, but when traveling for work she falls deeply in love with Amadou, a local human rights activist. They are drawn together by their common fight against slavery. Can their love be more than an enchanted moment? What about Mick, left behind in DC? Can Jeanette, a white woman, really tell us this story of two husbands? Whose controlling this narrative anyway? Will she be demapped?

About the Author:

Katherine Cleary feels herself the avatar of her great-grandmother who supported her five children writing poems and stories. She brings vast learning and experience to this novel, and is not afraid of sultry sex scenes, living without a flush toilet, literary play, or questioning the pursuit of human rights.

Author's Note:

Any fans of Infinite Jest out there? Madame Psychosis lives on in this book. Can love overcome the psychotic present moment of globalized misery? Billionaires party while billions starve and millions languish in slavery. Our protagonist sets out to try to end some of that misery only to fall in love, half a world away from home. Hence ensues her struggle for her soul, her career, her story, her love.

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