Lessons of Our Fathers | The Linmore Chronicles

By Ivella Jacobs

Draft 2 Posted Date: 5/18/2015

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Women"s fiction

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Emmanuel "Manny" Whitney is a monster. Risen to a position of prestige within the KKK, Manny has a litany of perverse secrets - some so horrible that even he prefers to believe the lies created about his past. A man ultimately consumed with selfishness and hate that it destroys what he loves ... including his wife Eloise and the town who accepted him as one of their beloved sons. .

About the Author:

A small town girl, Ivella "Ivy" Jacobs has taken the beaten path on the way to her writing career. A mother to two children, Ivy took a chance at a writing career in 2004. Hired as the education reporter and ending as the legal-judicial/law enforcement and emergency response reporter in Brazil, Ind. In 2010, she took another risk and completed her first novel "The Sins of an Angel: The Linmore Chronicles,"an unabashed, gritty portrayal of marriage at it's cruelest and the insanity that ensues. A year later, Ivy took another chance and changed careers to became a 911 dispatcher and then a correctional office. She used these experiences to embolden her writing. However, in 2014, two brain strokes took a major toll on her health and damaged her brain. Although she struggled to continue to write and completed this second book in a planned five book series about the residents in the explosive town of Linmore. Ivy currently resides in Brazil with her grandson and daughter, husband Jason, father Mitchell Jackson, brother-in-law Joshua, several “adopted” children who call her mom and surrounded by many close friends.

Author's Note:

This book is a stand alone sequel to my first work "The Sins of an Angel: The Linmore Chronicles." Orphaned at an early age and growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Linmore, Indiana, Angelica "Angel" Hampton has been dealt a difficult hand in life. It was challenging, but a relationship with Daniel Madison is a glimmer of hope for the red-haired beauty. However, the Madison family has sinister secrets that are guarded by matriarch Elva Madison, who rules with a meddling, venomous tongue and an iron hand. Alienated in an abusive marriage, Angel finds herself struggling with Daniel's increasing rage and intolerance while trying to preserve a relationship with her two daughters. Confronted with the daunting decision of whether to stay and hope for the best or venture out into the unknown alone, Angel discovers a radical third path she believes will rekindle the magic her marriage once had. The community of Linmore, who have been aware of the Madison family's dark secrets the entire time, explodes when a possible murder investigation tears open the fabric of the dysfunctional marriage.

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