Like a Bird

By Laurie Varga

Draft 1 Posted Date: 3/23/2015

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Based on 3 Reviews


Erotic romance

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About the Book:

When a woman takes her own life under the watchful eye of her owner, Gareth Renaut, he retreats even deeper into himself and his isolated, woodland hideaway. Disfigured in a work accident a decade before, Gareth has crafted a quiet life as an investor with the help of his childhood friend, Louis. But when Louis drags him back into the real world for just one night, Gareth stumbles into a love triangle with two beautiful women who threaten to destroy the walls he has carefully built and throw his life off-course.

About the Author:

A copywriter and designer by day. An author in various genres by night. Character obsessed and a neurotic perfectionist.

Author's Note:

This full-length novel (89K words) is ready for critical review and feedback. I also appreciate feedback on the cover and synopsis. One thing I really need help with is clarifying the genre. I thought it was an erotic romance but some feedback I've recently received thought it was more of a psychological thriller. Note that this book contains sex scenes, strong language and some violence.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing

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