Sometimes Moments

By Len Webster

Draft 3 Posted Date: 6/18/2015

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Contemporary Romance

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About the Book:

One blink, One breath of air, One moment in time ... Could change your life forever. Growing up, Peyton Spencer fell in love with the boy across the road, Callum Reid. As the years went by, it only made sense that they would wind up being completely and utterly infatuated with each other. That was, until one morning Peyton wakes to find Callum packing his belongings, and leaving the small town they lived in. Left with no explanation and completely heartbroken, Peyton spends the next four years of her life without him, ensuring that she never crossed his path again. Though forgetting him wasn’t too hard considering Peyton spent her final year of high school burying her parents. But years later, she’s now inherited the family hotel, The Spencer-Dale. Just when she didn’t think life could get any more complicated, Callum walks back into her life without a care in the world. But for Peyton, his return opens up all the old wounds she’s tried to forget. No matter the reasons for his return, Peyton can’t let Callum back into her heart, not after the pain and betrayal he put her through. She would never allow him her heart’s redemption. Could she?

About the Author:

Len Webster is a romance-loving Melburnian with dreams of finding her version of ‘The One’. She calls Australia home, but secretly wishes a man with a beautiful accent would whisk her away. She’s been called a hopeless romantic and a firm believer of happily ever afters, which she doesn’t object to. When Len isn’t acting as the voice of her characters, you can find her drowning in business textbooks as she slaves over her Bachelor degree. She spends more time than she should daydreaming of her next Europe adventure or swooning over Mr. Darcy.

Author's Note:

* Work in progress *

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