The Gelded Age | A Novel by

By Bret Plate

Draft 2 Posted Date: 10/14/2013

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Comedic fiction

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About the Book:

Katherine Jennings has spent her entire 32 years trying to win the love of her cold corporate lawyer father…even now, in death. She went to law school, just like her father wanted; started out in corporate law in New York, just like her father wanted; and snagged a high-powered, insanely brilliant and rich hedge fund manager, just like her father wanted. But along the way, she also left her law firm and went to work for Bitterman Katz, the most prestigious Investment Bank in the world, where she found herself at the epicenter of the 2008 financial crisis -- something her friends won’t let her forget. But Katherine’s insanely brilliant hedge fund boyfriend turns out to be just another run-of-the-mill crook who has been trading on insider information stolen from Katherine’s corporate email account. When he throws her under the bus with the SEC and FBI to shave a few years off his own looming prison sentence, Katherine’s life is turned upside down. Her job gone, her bank account frozen, her license to practice law suspended, she is forced to accept a job with the eccentric family her mother has married into -- one of the last of the big American fireworks manufacturing families. The question is whether Katherine will let this unusual family and its wise old matriarch heal her heart and let her recapture the innocence and wonder her father stole from her when she was a little girl. And will she let herself love the equally damaged son who now runs the family enterprise -- a man in as much need of magic in his life as Katherine.

About the Author:

Bret Plate has been a professional writer since he was 25. He wrote the first movie produced by Carolco, the company responsible for the RAMBO and TERMINATOR franchises. Realizing he didn't really know how to write yet, he returned to marketing and spent six years as a copywriter and Creative Director in the advertising world, winning numerous awards for his work and directing over 250 TV commercials. After leaving his last advertising job, he wrote three scripts in 18 months, selling the third to Paramount in a big spec deal. That launched a ten year career for Mr. Plate in the film and TV business, during which he worked as a script doctor on numerous well-known movies and as a staff writer on a CBS TV series. He returned to the corporate world in the late 90's, but missed writing and started writing books in 2007. This is his third novel. THE GELDED AGE is based on a spec script Mr. Plate wrote in the 90's and which, blessedly, did not sell (though two producers at Disney begged the studio to buy it at the time). The book turned out to be much better than the original script. This is his first foray onto Book Country, which he heard about in a story on NPR. Having been a studio screenwriter for many years and trained as a copywriter at the ad agency responsible for the greatest ad campaign in history, he has a very thick skin. So take your best shot.

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Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Pacing, Continuity

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