No Fences

By KarenKay

Draft 25 Posted Date: 5/29/2016

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Literary fiction

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About the Book:

Kat has always been a very strong person: strong-willed, strong-minded, strongly opinionated, extremely passionate, compassionate, and empathetic, and very loyal. All those attributes come into play when Kat’s mentor and grandfather dies and leaves the family ranch to her at a young age. Despite attempts by other family members to take the ranch from her, she manages to retain her ownership and watch the ranch flourish. But life for Kat hasn’t always been a matter of her getting what she wants. In fact, she harbors a deeply-kept secret less than a handful know all the details of. She will do everything in her power to keep it that way. Her college sweetheart and husband is taken from her far too soon and she returns to a relationship which can be described as nothing short of destructive for her. In an effort to avoid answering a question which continues to pop up, Kat moves to Florida to help her cousin with his company. She is introduced to a man who helps her understand there is so much more to life than work on the ranch, work on the construction company, and charity events – he reveals to Kat what a personal life can be like. Follow Kat as she uses her strength, faith, and family to make decisions which will ultimately direct the rest of her life. Watch as she moves from a life centering on the wants and needs of others to a life mor balanced between her own wants and needs and those of others.

About the Author:

KarenKay was born, raised, and still lives in South Texas. The land she lives on has been in her family since her great-grandparents arrived from Poland. She has a day job but has been writing since taking a Composition class at St. Mary's University many years ago and being encouraged to continue a short story by a professor who was the greatest in the world. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX and is currently working on a Master's from Texas A & M University. KarenKay has four children (two boys and two girls), four cats, one very loyal Catahoula, a green thumb, and an affinity for crafts. She teaches quilting classes in the evenings when she isn't writing.

Author's Note:

This is the first of several installments. Although I am stuck on the setting and base plot of this story, I would like any thoughts and suggestions. I welcome and will seriously consider all recommendations provided through peer reviews.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Continuity

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