The False Rose

By TimCaseyAuthor

Draft 3 Posted Date: 6/22/2014

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Young Adult Romance

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About the Book:

In a war-torn world the queen dies in childbirth while the king switches his daughter with the daughter of a serving girl in order to protect her. Nel, the real princess, is forced to grow up never knowing who she truly is, while Mara, the fake princess, lives her life. Mara is cruel to Nel. Though they are friends in Mara’s eyes, Nel considers their relationship to be forced and takes it as her job as a serving girl. Nel’s mother falls ill when the girls are sixteen and on her deathbed she tells the girls the truth. Mara is wrought with disbelief, but when the king confirms the story, she runs away, while Nel struggles to find herself as the new princess of the kingdom of Fimoria.

About the Author:

Tim Casey has been reading books since the age of three. Skipping past the picture books and going straight for the tens of thousands word novels, Tim has rarely peaked his head up from the pages of a good book. He graduated in the top twentieth percentile from his high school, in Harrison, NJ. In his senior year, he volunteered his time at the school library. When he moved to Newton, NJ - a rural and mountainous, northwestern, NJ city – the trees surrounding his house inspired the world of Quinn. Currently continuing his college career, Tim is also working on book two of the series, Wisp, as well as other works. You can read most of his works on

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Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Plot

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