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    Where will my eBook be available for purchase?

    We wanted to give you ability to publish once and distribute to many different retailers with the click of a button. We work with some of the largest online bookstores and distributors, and each partner maintains a dynamic list within its network to ensure your eBook can reach a wide online audience.

    During the final publishing process, you can choose from a list of our distribution partners. In addition to the Book Country bookstore, you can select the entire list or only a fewonline retailersand Book Country will take care of the rest.

    Book Country's retail and distribution partners include:

    • Amazon
    • Apple*
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Google
    • Kobo

    Please note: Retailers reserve the right to accept or deny content for availability.
    *Apple doesn't support all foreign languages in eBooks. Refer to our FAQ for a complete list of which languages Apple doesn't support.

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    When will my eBook show up in online stores?

    We have seen eBooks appear on online retailer's sites in as little as one day, but itwill likelytake approximately two to four weeks after your book is formatted for your eBook to appear on retail websites. Each retailer operates on a different schedule that we do not control. Your book could show up a little sooner, or it could take a littlelonger.

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    What exactly is on my Book Country personalized bookstore page?

    Your book will have its own Web page in theBook Country bookstore. Anyone can visit the bookstore and purchase copies of your book. Book Country will display the front cover of your book, marketing copy and an excerpt from your book to entice potential buyers. You determine all of the text that you want displayed on this page.

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    When will I see Book Country's bookstore?

    The bookstore will go live in July, 2013.

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    Can I make changes tomy eBook's bookstore marketing copy, such as the overview and about the author?

    Yes. You can update your eBook summary, free preview, about the author and genre. Simply click the button to unlock your eBook in your Publishing Dashboard, make the change, and resubmit your eBook. The change will show up in online bookstores in one day to four weeks, depending on the retailer. (Each retailer operates on a separate schedule that we do not control.)

    Please note: to update your title, subtitle or author name, you'll need to create a new eBook.

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    What is the difference between a channel or retail sale and a Book Country sale?

    Sales on bookcountry.com are more profitable for the author than sales on third-party retail partner sites. When a book is sold through the Book Country website, it is considered a 'Book Country sale.' A retail, or "channel sale," is when the book is sold through any retailer other than Book Country (like Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com). The per-copy amount you earn will vary depending on the where each of your sales take place. See the"How much do I earn for each eBook I sell?"FAQ for more information on why this is true.

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    Can I update my eBook after it's published?

    Once your eBook is published, you can make changes to itby clicking the 'Resubmit' button to unlock the book on your Dashboard. You can make text corrections, tweak or overhaul your cover, or update your eBook Details (You cannot, however, update the title, subtitle or author name ― if you want to do that, you'll need to start a new eBook. We also suggest publishing a new eBook if you are making significant changes to the text. See theFAQ belowfor details.)

    Once you are finished making your changes, we'll resubmit your updated eBook to our Book Country Bookstore as well as the other retailers you selected. The new version will replace the old inone day to four weeks time. (Be aware that the old version of your eBook will be cancelled, but the updated version will use the same ISBN.)

    Also, if you unlock your book to edit and resubmit it and previously used an eBook formatting service, cover design or editing service, you'll need to purchase these services if you want us to perform the service(s) again. The version of your book in the Online Editor will be the version you originally uploaded, not the final version created by a designer that you may have approved.

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    When should I publish a new eBook vs. resubmit the current eBook?


    Resubmitting your eBook will overwrite the current edition with the new version but keep the same ISBN. Resubmit your book if you'd like to:

    • Update eBook Details, such as marketing copy about the book or author, or updating the genre
    • Design a new cover
    • Make minor text changes, such as fixing typos or a few updates here and there
    • Change the price


    Publishing a new eBook with a new ISBN signals to readers and retailers that it's a different version of your eBook. (If you want to remove the old version from circulation, you'll need to contact us to cancel the old version.) Publish a new book if you'd like to:

    • Change the title and/or subtitle
    • Change your author name
    • Make substantial content changes
    • Add a new feature, such as a preface, appendix or additional content

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    What happens to the published version of my eBook while I'm making changes in resubmission?

    While you are working on changes and updates to your eBook, your current, published version will remain for sale. If you wish to remove the current version from retailers while you are making revisions, you'll need tocontact usand request that we cancel your current eBook.Learn more about cancelling here.

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    After making changes to my published eBook, when will the new version show up in bookstores?

    Once you have finished making changes to your published eBook and you resubmit it, it takes the same amount of time to show up on various retail stores as the first time you published it - anywhere between one day and four weeks.Learn more about timelines here. Your new version will seamlessly replace the old version, keeping the same ISBN.

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    Can I cancel my eBook after it's published? Will it be removed from retail sites?

    Yes and yes. Should you decide to cancel your eBook, contact the Book Country team, and we'll cancel it for you.

    Once we cancel your title, theeBook will be removed from the Book Country bookstore within72 hours and will be taken offother retailer sites within three weeks' time. (Retailers update their bookstores on their own schedule, which we do not control.)

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    Why isn't my eBook in Apple's iBookstore?

    It can take up to three months for your book to appear in the iBookstore. If your book is still not available after that period of time, it is possible that Apple did not accept your content. Apple may choose to deny content due to typos, poor editing, poor formatting or subject matter.

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    How do I sideload my Mobi eBook file onto my Kindle Fire?

    Sideloading Kindle Fire with access to a computer is easiest:

    1. Using a mini USB to USB cord, connect the Kindle Fire to a computer.
    2. Download the eBook file on your computer.
    3. Using a file explorer program, open up the Kindle (will show as a temporary drive). Also open the folder on the computer with the file.
    4. Drag the eBook file from the computer to the Kindle Fire Books directory.
    5. Follow your computer's procedure for disconnecting peripheral devices. The book will now be available in the Kindle Fire's "Books" tab.

    Sideloading using only the Kindle Fire:

    1. Download the eBook file to the Kindle Fire using either the browser or via email.
    2. Download and install a file explorer program, such as ES File Explorer from Amazon APP market (it's free).
    3. Using the file explorer find the book file (it will be in the main Kindle directory) and copy it (press and hold the icon until the sub-menu pops up).
    4. Go to the "Books" folder.
    5. Paste the file (with ES Explorer you will need to select "Operations," then hit paste).
    6. Power Kindle Fire off and back on.
    7. Book should be in the Books tab.

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