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    In-Text Image Placement

    Let's make your book a little more visual! We'll place and embed a select number of images that will appear in your eBook. You can add more than the number of images included in your publishing package by purchasing additional In-Text Image Insertions or by adding them yourself via your Personal Media Library in the Online Editor.

    Just follow these guidelines:

    •  You must submit each image as a .jpg, .gif or .tiff file.
    •  The height of each image must be a minimum of 600 pixels. We strongly recommend an image size of 500 x 700 pixels.
    •  Your interior images should have a minimum resolution of 72 ppi.
    •  And your images should be in RGB, not CMYK, color mode.

    We're able to include color images, however only a select number of reading devices — iPad (and iPhone), NOOK Color and Kindle Fire — can currently display color images. On devices that do no support color, your images will appear in black and white.

    For more information on image submission guidelines, browse our Planning FAQs.

    Curious to know more about black-and-white vs. color images? See our General Info FAQs for that.