God's Trailer Park Garden | Mysteries, Secrets, Promises & Treasures Never Mentioned in Eden

By Judy J Peck

Draft 7 Posted Date: 6/17/2014

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Narrative Nonfiction

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About the Book:

Vital information is shared regarding scriptural truths, personal relationships and even some advice for when the SHTF. Learn to overcome spiritually, financially and emotionally as God leads, develops, promotes one life to finally step out in faith. Realize a long forgotten dream. Find out how a trailer park garden can lead to understanding Biblical truths and eternal life. Feel the urgency to learn as much as many as possible... as fast as possible. As you will learn in upcoming chapters, if it isn't clear already, that God will reveal Himself to you through the secrets, mysteries, promises and treasures, but only when you are ready. We have submitted for your review and pleasure the introduction and the chapters to date.

About the Author:

Judy Peck, a former teacher, actress, Nurses Aid, Hospice worker, waitress, and owner of a variety of short-term turn-over businesses, and gardener is now simply a woman who unashamedly serves an extraordinary God. Ms Peck is married to her best friend, enjoys writing, gardening, painting, and listening of old fashioned country gospel music. She and her husband Michael co-founded http://TheABCsofGardening.com/ and co-authored many books. Their books and website are a direct result of their joint efforts in so many areas of their lives. Their own amazing organic edible no-dig garden grows many of the foods mentioned in the bible is the inspiration for this book. Bible studies, fellow shipping, and exercising the their 'God-given' talents within their individual limitations are held in their double-wide mobile home which is located in the north hills of Reno, Nevada. God is the the Head and Michael is the backbone in all they do. Michael is also the discerning eye when Judy gets creative. Judy is a self-published author and an international award winning artist. At the moment she has several books in the works including a trilogy about angels, ghosts, and departed loved ones who are still among Us and “God's Trailer Park Garden”, all of which she draws from personal real life experiences and invites you into the heart of every situation.

Author's Note:

Please leave feedback on my cover as well.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Continuity

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